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Study Qigong

Qigong instruction focuses on helping the student achieve a wonderful sense of physical well-being, a calm mind, balanced emotions and a deeper sense of purpose.

Spring Qigong Workshops at Tibet House:

12 Taoist Rejuvenations:  rejuvenating and harmonizing your 3 dan tians (Physical/Emotional/Spiritual energy centers) to cultivate harmonious grace.

22W. 15th St, 2nd floor, NYC, 10011    10am-5pm

Saturday April 21, Sunday May 20, Saturday June 16.

My teacher Kwan Sai-hung (still going strong at 97!) would always say: “If you want to stay young and beautiful, do the 12 Taoist Rejuvenations!” Taught at the famous Hua Shan Monastery in northern China (where Mr. Kwan began his Taoist practice), Mr. Kwan said that the ladies of the imperial court of the Ching dynasty (18th and 19th centuries) practiced this set to preserve their youth and beauty and become wise.

Today this set is extremely potent in rejuvenating and harmonizing your Physical/Emotional/Spiritual energies and cultivating harmonious grace. These Physical/Emotional/Spiritual energies correspond to the 3 energy centers (dan tians or elixir fields) at your navel, heart center and Third Eye respectively. Initially these 3 centers are like “unruly children or monsters” and through this practice become like “3 sages.” You become physically strong and healthy, emotionally balanced and intelligent, and spiritually wise and conscious. You move with your own natural rhythm in a state of harmonious grace: Nothing bothers you, anything is possible, you know what has to be done for the greater good, and you have the energy and power to do it now!

The Taoist Rejuvenations is easily my favorite set to do. If I could only do one set, this would be the one. So pleasing to my body, uplifting to my spirit, so beautiful to behold, with forms including the Sea Horse, Crane Spreading Its Wings, Divine Frog, Turtle, Swimming Dragon, and Rising Phoenix. To master this set is to become a true Qigong practitioner!

All three of the workshops will focus on this set. One can take the workshops individually, but it is highly recommended that, to get a firm grasp of this set, that you take all three.

Everyone is welcome! No previous experience is necessary..



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Class, Locations and Cost


Available for private lessons.    914-466-2714


Qigong 7:30 – 9:00 pm:

Mountain View Studio

Presently doing Silk Brocades, Taiji Qigong, 18 Buddha Palms, 5 Elements Practice, 12 Taoist Rejuvenations, 5 Healing Techniques and Animal forms.

20 Mountain View Avenue   |   Woodstock, NY 12498   |   914-466-2714

Fee: $15 per class; $75 for 6 consecutive classes.


12:15-12:35pm Meditation, Qigong 12:35-2:00pm (ongoing class by series):   Clear Yoga Rhinebeck, NY

Advanced class, please call before attending.  Presently practicing warm-ups, 18 Buddha Palms, Silk Brocades, Hsing Yi Internals, Taiji Ruler; 12 Taoist Rejuvenations; Yi Jin Jing;  5 Elements Practice.

6423 Montgomery St (Montgomery Row Bldg), Suite 17b-2nd floor | Rhinebeck, NY, 12572 | 914-466-2714

Fee:  $106 for series of 6 consecutive classes, no date substitutions.  $105 for 5 classes.  $22 walk-in.



6:15-7:45pm.  In New York City.   Contact  914-466-2714 for info on location.

Warm-ups, Introductoory 8 Brocades of Silk, 12 Taoist Rejuvenations, Animal forms.


10-10:30am, optional seated meditation, Qigong 10:30am-12noon (ongoing class) 390 Aaron Court, Kingston, NY.

Ongoing class.

A beginner’s class featuring Classical First Level practice: warm-ups, Hsing Yi Internals, 8 Brocades of Silk Standing (Introductory and Intermediate levels), Animal forms, Standing Meditation, Taiji Qigong, Buddha Palms, 5 Elements Practice.  Excellent opportunity to learn qigong from the very beginning, and for those who want to develop a daily practice!  Just beginning Taiji Ruler for greater strength and flexibility.

390 Aaron Court, Kingston, NY, 12401     Paul 914-466-2714

Fee:  $15 per class.


10:30-11am optional seated meditation, Qigong 11:00-12:30pm (ongoing class).   390 Aaron Court, Kingston, NY.  A beginning class presenting a Classical First Level Practice, including Warm-ups, Hsing Yi Internals, 8 Brocades of Silk, Taiji Qigong, Animal forms, Buddha Palms, and 5 Elements Practice.  Just beginning Taiji Ruler for greater strength and flexibility.

390 Aaron Court, Kingston, NY, 12401              914-466-2714

Fee:  $15 per class.

Private Lessons

Paul is also available for private lessons, please contact us for more information.

What You Can Expect

The study of Qigong includes many meditations and practices.  We will practice sets from the following list:

The Hsing Yi (Body/Mind) warm-up set to cultivate internal energy.
The 8 Brocades of Silk-Standing and Seated- to prevent illness and regain youthful vitality.
The 5 Animal Frolics-including Crane, Dear, Bear, Tiger and Monkey forms-excellent to prevent cancer and cultivate physical grace and elegance, mobility and sinewy strength, and lightness and buoyancy.
Organ Tao Yins to strengthen and nourish the liver, heart, brain, stomach, spleen and lungs specifically.
Standing Meditation to calm the mind and create strength in stillness.
The 12 Taoist Rejuvenations to cultivate a greater sense of harmonious grace and spiritual well-being.
The Bone Marrow/Muscle Sinew Cleansing Set to cleanse the blood and prevent cancer and as Mr. Kwan says:  “so that everything in your life can be done 3 times better.”

All the practices are easy to do—people of all ages and levels of experience are welcome.  Detailed notes and DVDs will be given to facilitate practice at home.

If you would like to attend one of our classes, please contact us in advance.