In Chinese culture, the crane symbolizes longevity. We practice qigong so we too may enjoy long, rewarding lives.

Come, here.  Down to the water’s edge.  If you are very quiet and very still, you might see, there, among the reeds, a crane.  He is perched upon one leg, the other drawn up to his stomach, gaze fixed on the swirling waters at his feet.

Never does he move.  No feathers flutter. That long, elegant neck stays perfectly in place. If you did not know that he was alive, you might think he was a statue that someone had placed in the wilderness…until that moment when a fish swims by.

Then, with an explosion of power and grace, the crane strikes – doing no more and no less than is absolutely necessary to achieve his goal.  The meal secured and quickly swallowed, the crane returns to repose, a state where he is both totally relaxed and completely prepared to act.

This balancing act has to do with more than standing upon one leg. A calm mind and a strong body is essential, each in perfect balance with each other.  That is what qigong can help you achieve.

Being peaceful and harmonious and at the same time keenly sensitive and aware in each present moment, one truly has the capacity to live longer and be more successful in his or her endeavors.

Begin your journey now. Achieve the grace, power, and tranquility of the crane.  Contact Paul Bloom today.

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