Qigong is the ancient Chinese art and science of  breathing and moving exercises designed to improve health and calm the mind.  For the past 25 years, Paul Bloom has studied classical qigong with Chinese master Kwan Sai-hung and Tibetan Buddhism with Gelek Rinpoche and Prof. Robert Thurman  He first taught qigong at Buddhist retreats all over the country, helping spiritual practitioners to establish a firm physical/energetic foundation for their practice.  He now works with people of all ages, levels of experience and health to help them become healthy, feel younger and stronger, and reach their goals.

Very much inspired by the dramatically positive effects of this practice on his own life, Paul brings his “infectious” passion and love of the practice to the clients he serves.  Always using time-honored authentic practices drawn from the classical Taoist canon, he makes them systematically accessible to each and every person he teaches, breaking the process down so that everyone is able to immediately begin a practice.  (Paul creates customized DVDs for individuals to use at home to facilitate his or her practice.)   Younger people are amazed at   how quickly they gain strength, cultivate physical grace and develop a sharper and calmer mind.  Older people realize how they can regain a youthful vitality, prevent illness and develop greater spiritual awareness.

Classically, the goal is to create an invincible diamond-like body with a light, buoyant and energetic rainbow-like density and a watery pliancy with which to sculpt and recreate oneself.  All in an atmosphere of virtuous and ethical behavior with a particular focus on love and compassion.    One then truly marvels at the uniqueness of being a human being and is inspired and better able to realize his or her full potential.  Each of his 5 weekly classes is a basis for a growing community of practitioners compassionately supporting each other in meeting their goals.

"My wife and I have studied with Paul for many years. He is a phenomenal teacher using authentic, time-honored techniques and is very sensitive to the immediate needs of his students. After I practice, I feel a greater sense of physical well-being and a stronger clarity of mind. The practice of qi gong is ideal in creating a physical/energetic foundation for one's spiritual practice and a passionate enthusiasm for one's work."

- Robert Thurman, Jey Tsong Khapa Professor of Indo-Tibetan
Buddhist Studies, Columbia University.